4 reasons your house needs a home water filtration system


1. Permissible concentration of magnesium in water.

One of the new water trends is water with magnesium. This mineral really belongs to the list of macro elements extremely important for the human body and has been studied quite a lot by scientists.

Magnesium content in water from different sources may differ

Magnesium is needed for the prevention of cardiovascular disease

There are many arguments about the benefits of water with this mineral, and unlike many other water components that have gained popularity in recent years, magnesium really deserves attention.

2. What water does magnesium contain?

Recently, bottled water with magnesium has become popular. For example, mineral water contains it in a concentration of up to 1000 mg/l. That is, one and a half to two cups of such water will completely cover the daily need for this element.

It is important to understand that this water is sulfate-magnesium and has laxative properties due to the osmotic effect (draws water into the intestine).

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Some companies provide for dosing pre-prepared solutions into water. This mineralization method allows for any concentrations and ratios of magnesium, calcium and other ions in water, but unfortunately can be used exclusively for large water production systems, since solutions require regular replacement due to the increased likelihood of microorganisms propagation.

As you can see, magnesium water can be an excellent solution for increasing the daily consumption of this mineral. Water treatment systems with magnesium filters will be an excellent solution to this problem.

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